Marine Corps Sniper -- One Shot, One Kill
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Marine Corps Sniper – One Shot, One Kill

There are snipers, and then there are Marine Corps Snipers. Marine Snipers are the best of the best, the elite, trained to not only eliminate enemy targets but track enemy movement on the ground as well. They are ghosts, hidden from view, reveling themselves only with the crack of a bullet breaking the speed of sound. One shot, one kill.

For a Marine to make the jump from a Professional Instructed Gunman (PIG) to a Hunter of Gunmen (HOG) takes the greatest of skill and dedication. They must learn to become invisible, tracking and following without being detected, and catch their prey without being caught themselves. 

Minted from solid bronze, with stone polished cloisonné enamel on both sides, this coin pays tribute to the Marine Corps Sniper. The obverse displays a deadly sniper poised to strike. The reverse displays the renowned eagle, globe, and anchor emblem of the U.S. Marine Corps.